We make great tasting water

Not only are we environmentally focused but also health driven! That’s why our water is perfectly PH balanced, chemical free and mineralised. Designed to benefit both you and the environment.

It all begins as a cloud.

From sky to earth, Drinkableair acts as your own personal cloud system converting moisture in the air to pure, crisp and chemical free drinking water. Our water is then perfected by adding minerals for better taste and health.

  No Sodium
  No Chloride
  No Fluoride
  No Microplastic
  No BPA
drinkable air technologies

Our commitment to quality and health means Drinkableair is built to create and maintain the highest-quality drinking water, with an integrated system keeping the stored water safe.

For every 1oo,ooo one-litre PET bottles eliminated, the savings are:

drinkable air technologies in uae

5,844 Kg of Plastic Waste

17,532 Kg of CO2 emissions

104 Barrels of Oil

3OO,OOO L of water used in Manufacturing process

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