Does AWG technology have the answer to world’s water crisis?

Does AWG technology have the answer to the world’s water crisis?

We are aware that contaminated water contains hazardous metals, chemicals, and microbes that can lead to dangerous health conditions. Eliminating these pathogens from water is crucial if we want to ensure the health of our communities. But the challenge is that the standard techniques employed to purify water either do not give 100 percent success rates in the removal of such chemicals, or they are not feasible to implement on a larger scale.

Is there a way out?

In this regard, the significance of Ozonation technology cannot be understated as it shows clear beneficial effects. Through this advanced water treatment process, we can produce fresh, uncontaminated drinking water more effectively as it destroys all the microorganisms in water.

The best combo for your drinking water

The best part about ozonation is that it lets you make the best use of atmospheric water generation (AWG) technology. A perfect combination of innovation and practicality, the air-to-water generation system from Drinkableair Technologies harvests the humidity present in the air. It converts it into pure, crisp-tasting drinking water. It is one of the most sustainable solutions for providing clean drinking water in areas that face water scarcity or water pollution.

Due to its ability to provide fast and reliable drinking water solutions, AWG technology is increasingly being used in more and more water generation and purification systems across the globe. These drinking water systems focus on fulfilling two basic goals:

  • Water generation from the humidity in the air.
  • Integrating an advanced water purification process to make it fit for drinking.

The air-to-water technology involves a 4-step filtration process before you can bottle the water. How well each step of the filtration process works is fundamental in determining the safety and quality of water. Let’s get a deep understanding of each of these steps:

1. Air filtration

An advanced air filter present in the water generator removes all the anti-scalene and dust particles present in the air. To perform the task more effectively, this procedure focuses primarily on the micro dust form of filtration.

2. Water dust filtration

A collection tank filter and tank input filter work together to eliminate various external dust particles from the air collected in the machine.

3. Advanced water filtration

This step involves the usage of several filters such as sediment filter RO, membrane TCR, and pre-carbon filters. These filters successively work to rid the water from the water retriever of any unpleasant odor, taste, or color. This removes various physical impurities from the water up to 5 microns. With the installed filters, it easily removes up to 90-95% of different salts and organic molecules present in the water.

4. The Ozone generator

Being a powerful oxidant, ozone effectively destroys all kinds of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungus, and viruses. The strong oxidation effect also removes any odours present in the water, resulting in a totally safe, great-tasting drinking water.

No matter how small or large your drinking water needs are, you can completely rely on Drinkableair’s advanced AWG technology to produce water from the air. This will not only reduce pressures on existing water resources but also provide a cost-effective solution for your long-term drinking water needs.