The threat of plastic waste

Drinkable air

Have you ever noticed how plastic overconsumption is causing immeasurable damage to our ecosystem?

We choose plastic because it’s cheaper, readily available and easy to throw out. There’s a natural human tendency to find convenience in everything that we do, but that isn’t always the best thing for the environment.

Have we ever tried to make our planet a more liveable place without so much plastic in our lives? It’s high time we begin to think about our environment and take action. Let’s start the journey with small baby steps and work towards making our surroundings plastic-free.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that our daily life actions can decide the future of our planet. As responsible earthlings, it all starts with not only changing our habits but also adopting technologies that can help us fight pollution and climate change.

What’s the next step?

On average, we consume 2-3 litres of drinking water per day. But how many of us carry refillable water bottles with us wherever we go? That number will surely be quite insignificant! We buy bottled water and conveniently toss it once used, generating millions of metric tons of plastic waste each year as more than 90% of plastic never gets recycled.

Just take a tour around your office and you will be surprised to find the number of plastic bottles that are floating all around you. By continuing to use throw-away packaged water, we are forgetting about caring for our environment and adding to the huge plastic pollution crisis that is threatening the future of our planet. Being willing to change our lifestyle is the best thing we can do as committed individuals to prevent further environmental damage.

As a responsible organisation striving to give earth a better, more sustainable future, we have introduced drinking water solutions that make use of the latest air-to-water (AWG) technology. Arata International UAE is bringing to your doorstep the latest and world-renowned Atmospheric Water Generators from Drinkable Air Technologies USA by installing these wonderful machines in our homes, offices, schools, hotels, hospitals and within our communities, we can greatly reduce our reliance on single-use plastic bottles.

Wake up now to a better solution to plastic waste where everyone has access to pure, safe and great tasting drinking water without causing damage to the environment.