The sustainable technology to preserve dwindling water resources

drinkable air

The growing world population is placing unprecedented pressure on water resources, which has led to global efforts to find newer ways to address future water problems.

One such area of interest in the expansion of water resources is the idea of harnessing water from air. This has resulted in increasing efforts towards the development of various technologies that could fulfil this purpose.

This novel method extracts moisture from the air and turns it into pure, great tasting water.Water vapour present in the air is made to undergo condensation, which is the process of cooling the air below the dew point (the temperature the air needs to be cooled to for water vapour to condense into liquid water).

How does Air-to-Water Technology work?

  • The core Air-to-Water unit uses a turbine that forces air through a heat exchanger where condensation takes place.
  • A hybrid solution can be deployed to the same effect by driving a ventilation system.
  • Lowering the temperature of air requires minimal energy. When the temperature falls below its dew point, water droplets form. These droplets are then collected in a water storage compartment.
  • The water production of an Air-to-Water system in a particular location depends on environmental factors, such as the average wind speed, the ambient temperature, and the relative humidity.
  • To make the system perform optimally under varying conditions, the turbine can be adapted to its environment by adjusting the blade diameter and the tower height.

What is the purpose of using this new technology?

Today, the world is facing a major crisis of freshwater scarcity. Global freshwater reserves are declining due to environmentally deteriorative actions by humans leading to the decline of quality & reliable drinking water sources.

Adding to the threat, the global demand for water is rising sharply on the back of high population growth, economic development, and changing consumption trends. The technical and scientific solutions currently available to confront this dangerous situation are either partial, expensive, or not accessible to everyone.

Safe and tasty

Harvesting water from humidity may sound bizarre and also cause concern regarding the safety of the water. If purity had a flavour, that could be the taste of the water produced through the air-water-generation technology. The AWG technology is a natural ozonation process with zero chemicals involved. This makes the water taste the great.

By being a low energy demanding process in comparison to sourcing and transporting water from alternative sources, it is the safest source of natural and great-tasting water for a sustainable future.

The best decision

The advanced air-to-water technology is one of the most promising solutions on the horizon to tackle global drinking water supply issues. The future looks bright as more and more individuals and businesses are adopting the technology to provide safe and pure drinking water within their communities.

Arata International UAE is bringing the latest atmospheric water generation (AWG) technology from Drinkableair Technologies USA to your doorstep. Our innovative drinking water solutions for home, business and public areas are designed to provide pure, fresh water and reduce plastic pollution.

Our planet is calling out to us; now it is our responsibility to move towards a more sustainable future for our coming generations.