Sustainable alternative to groundwater

Sustainable alternative to groundwater

The idea of a liveable earth is one based on a balanced ecosystem in which everyone breathes clean air, drinks pure water and eats a healthy diet. To meet the needs of a rapidly growing population, we are putting tremendous pressures on our planet’s natural resources. As a result, water scarcity has become one of the biggest threats the human race now faces.

Water is survival. That is why having access to clean and fresh drinking water is a fundamental right of all human beings. As surface water resources including rivers, lakes and dams face depletion around the globe, focus has now shifted to develop groundwater resources.

Groundwater: a solution or a problem?

A growing number of people worldwide are struggling to access clean drinking water. Not only are they facing water shortage but also having to deal with poor quality water and contamination issues.

Underground water plays a crucial role in fulfilling the water needs of humans. But extracting water stored under the earth’s surface can have a serious health and environmental impact. The excessive consumption of groundwater resources can result in land subsidence, which involves a sudden sinking of the earth’s surface due to underground changes.

No magic – it’s proven science!

To address both the current and future water crisis, Drinkableair brings an advanced, technology-driven solution that is environment-friendly and cost effective. The Atmospheric Water Generator Technology (AWG) harvests natural humidity present in the air and transforms it into pure, great tasting drinking water. The result is a sustainable water generation system that doesn’t put stress on existing water resources and provides clean drinking water in many parts of the world.

AWG technology can bring consistency to your water supply, without involving the use of hazardous chemicals or any unsafe processes. Designed to operate using moderate power, Drinkableair Technologies provides a range of solutions for your home, office, commercial or large community areas. Welcome to a sustainable future made possible with this revolutionary invention.

AWG technology explained

The amount of water vapour present in the atmosphere is vast and atmospheric water generation (AWG) is a technique of harvesting that water vapour to make clean drinking water. The more humid the air, the more water that can be produced. Water produced through this system does not contain any contaminants, is readily available for consumption, and tastes great.

Producing water from air is a sustainable practice through the intelligent use of the most abundant source of water available. Our AWG systems first pull air through an electrostatic-antimicrobial filter, removing any airborne particles. A condensation unit receives the clean humid airflow and condenses water vapour into liquid form. The machine collects the water in a collection tank where it undergoes ozonation to disinfect it. Drinkableair’s AWG systems run on standard grid electric power but are easily adaptable to sustainable power sources such as wind, solar or solar-wind hybrid systems.

Why AWG is the best practice?

Taking a small step in the right direction can make a huge impact on the environment. We are all collectively responsible for the health of our planet and the future of our coming generations. Extracting groundwater consumes a large amount of resources and effort, while at the same time causing severe harm to the environment. Switching to AWG technology is not just a viable alternative to groundwater, it is the answer for a sustainable future.