Moving together for a Plastic-Free World

Dubai Can and Drinkableair’s collective aim for a better future

What is plastic doing to our world?

During the entire duration of human existence on this planet, now is the time when we humans can make the most vital and considerable influence, that can either save or destroy our planet. The environmental impacts of human interference in nature are so critical that today our decisions can make or break the very place we live in. One of the most environmentally damaging activities that have today brought the environment to the brink of disaster is the widespread plastic waste that is dumped in the sea, forests, and everywhere around us. Single-use plastic items constitute the majority of this waste. Human health and an entire ecosystem comprising millions of species of flora and fauna are being threatened, thanks to plastic waste.

A unique initiative in Dubai

The solution to this impending disaster is in our hands. Sustainable initiatives and awareness programs are key to bringing about positive change. A plastic-free world must be the way forward. Dubai Can and Drinkableair Technologies have joined hands to bring this change to the UAE. The key objective of this action and awareness initiative is to make UAE plastic-free by eliminating the use of single-use plastics. The initiative aims to educate people about the environmental dangers of single-use plastics, and how adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle can help combat global plastic pollution.

Dubai Can is a sustainability initiative that aims to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic water bottles in Dubai by encouraging the use of refillable water bottles, installation of water stations, and building awareness about the cause.

Drinkableair Technologies utilises sustainable innovation and technology to convert air humidity into pure drinking water, thereby supporting environmental conservation, sustaining the ecosystem, and building a better world for our future generations. Drinkableair’s Air-to-Water generation (AWG) systems create pure, fresh drinking water by harvesting the water vapour in the air. .

Drinkableair joins Dubai Can on its mission to reduce plastic waste in Dubai, and contribute towards building a plastic-free world. The initiative will see the installation of Drinkableair kiosks in and around Dubai to promote the reuse of single-use water bottles, and building awareness about the benefits of environmental conservation and sustainable living. .

By being aware of the situation, and giving people the opportunity to act more responsibly towards environment, Drinkableair Technologies is working towards a better tomorrow. By joining hands with Dubai Can, the organisation aims to take this mission to every corner of Dubai, and to the outside world. .